Welcome to Elite Frozen Foals - Australia and New Zealand - 2015/16

At Elite Frozen Foals clients often ask if they have to purchase semen from us to use our horse reproduction/AI facilities - the answer is no.

Most of our frozen semen is sold and delivered to users around Australia and now, New Zealand as well.  Likewise, many of the mares that come here to Benalla for AI breeding are being inseminated with semen purchased from EFF OR any of the other semen suppliers in Australia.  We are happy to offer an all-inclusive service OR to accept mares to be inseminated with outside semen.

Latest News

Breeding Season 2015/2016 – Elite Frozen Foals

Breeding Season 2015/2016 – Elite Frozen Foals   With the breeding season fast approaching it’s time for an update on the German Glanders Ban and the...
Frozen Semen for Season 2015

Frozen Semen sales for Season 2015 Glanders, a severe disease of horses and a zoonosis, has recently been diagnosed in Germany.  The affected horse was clinically normal and...

2nd SEMEN SHIPMENT FOR AUSTRALIA We are planning a second shipment (mainly to bring in more Sezuan and Finest semen) but it can include any of my stallions. If you are...
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