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Elite Frozen Foals is an importer and supplier of frozen horse semen for the horse breeders of Australia.  We have been using and importing frozen semen from Europe for over 20 years.  We import semen from the best and/or most promising stallions we can access from Germany, Denmark and Holland.  This allows our Australasian breeding clients to stay abreast of modern trends.

Despite evolving changes with Jane and Peter Bartram’s, Hollands Bend Warmbloods, Elite Frozen Foals will continue to offer the same full-service semen importation and breeding guidance as in previous years.

Our EFF website makes it easy for you to search for your favourite stallions or scroll through the list to see the new ones available this season. The shopping basket function allows for quick and easy semen purchases via the traditional payment by bank transfer.

We are no longer able to offer a resident reproductive service to our clients. Limitations of time and space have made it necessary to concentrate on the semen supply services.  However, if you have any breeding queries feel free to run them past our experienced team.

The website will continually be updated as the need arises with new stallions and information. If you have any comments about the site, feel free to forward your criticisms or plaudits.  We will work hard to incorporate any suggestions.  Just send me an email at elitefrozenfoals@bigpond.com or catch Elite Frozen Foals on Facebook. Good luck with the 2024/25 breeding season.  I hope your foals match your dreams!

As always, call me on  0419 392756  if you have any questions at all.

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