Frozen Equine Semen Purchase Agreement 2021/22

Deposit or full payment must be received to secure your semen.  Your order is not secured until the payment has been received.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Acknowledgement of this document forms a binding contract between the purchaser and Jane Bartram as representative for Elite Frozen Foals (EFF).
  2. EFF is a frozen semen import service. EFF makes no claims as to the availability, fertility, viability, or freedom of disease of semen. There is no breeding contract or live foal guarantee. Prices are subject to change. We have the right to refuse service. All sales are final upon delivery.
  3. Semen is supplied under the following conditions:
  • This semen is supplied for the express purpose of creating pregnancies from owner’s mares
  • Ownership of the semen is not transferable unless authorised in writing by EFF
  • All veterinary charges in respect of the mare/s are the responsibility of the purchaser
  • No guarantee of pregnancy is given by EFF.
  • Customers are assumed to have read all information and advice imparted verbally or in writing by EFF. EFF uses reasonable means to ensure that all information and advice provided are accurate. However, EFF cannot accept liability for any incorrect information. Customers are advised to verify the accuracy of all information themselves, and to discuss all issues with their vet as appropriate.
  • EFF will fairly resolve any disputes relating to the quality of any semen, but liability for semen quality rests solely with the relevant stallion owner.
  • Liability and risk for the semen and any container in which it is transported in is the responsibility of EFF prior to shipping to clients. The semen ownership is handed over to the client at the time it is in transit to your vet, or when picked up from our storage centre and when it arrives at your selected clinic.
  • All prices and terms, and the availability of stallions, are subject to change. The Customer should confirm these with EFF immediately prior to ordering and payment.
  • EFF provides no product exchange or money back guarantee. Once payment has cleared the order is placed and cannot be refunded or exchanged.
  • In the event that EFF cancels any order, the full amount paid by the customer will be refunded.
  • All frozen semen supplied is subject to the terms stipulated by the supplying stud. We do not make up these terms.  If frozen semen is used, please be aware that you may be charged per pregnancy if doses are split and multiple pregnancies obtained, unless otherwise specified in writing.  Some stallion stations allow multiple pregnancies while others don’t. Please confirm terms with EFF prior to insemination.
  • Price includes one service certificate per insemination dose.  There is a small charge for multiple certificates.

Advance Purchasing:

Payment of the deposit will secure the semen for the purchaser upon its arrival in Australia.  The semen will be delivered to Gene Movers, Bacchus Marsh, Australia free of all fees and charges.

On payment of the balance of the purchase price, the semen will be available for delivery to the purchaser, at their expense.  You will be notified and freight arrangements should be organized at this time.  Semen is expected to be available for delivery in August for stallions that have been collected by the European shipping date. (Please check with EEF for your shipping date.)

Purchasing Semen in Stock:

The semen is stored at and delivered from Gene Movers P/L, 8 Station St., Bacchus Marsh, 3340.  The semen will be delivered to the purchasers nominated delivery address.  The purchaser agrees to pay the following costs prior to delivery:

  1. All semen purchase costs
  2. All transport and handling charges as quoted below.


Freight pricing is subject to change as we have no control over this.

Note – Insurance is not available.

You have 2 choices re freight – You can contact Genemovers directly to organise you own transport – a Genemovers handling fee of $55.00 must be paid to EFF prior to the semen being released to you.

Or we can organise the freight for you. The following prices are as at Season 2020/21 – $250 within Victoria;  $280 South Australia;  $340 NSW  and  $370 Southern Queensland.  Please call for a quote for freight to NT, WA, Tas or Northern Qld.  Note – Insurance is not available.

Please Note:

The transport container must be returned within 48 hours of semen delivery.  The vapour shippers used are neither supplied for, nor suitable for, long-term storage of the semen.  The purchaser needs to ensure they or their veterinarian has an appropriate means of storing the semen in liquid nitrogen on receipt.  Gene Movers/Equibreed NZ will charge a late fee of $15.00 per day if the tank is not returned promptly.

EFF is not responsible for the loss of semen once the tank has left Gene Movers.  Make sure your veterinarian or technician is aware that you have organized for frozen semen to be shipped to them, and confirm its’ arrival.

Ordering and Banking:

All orders are to be made via the shopping trolley facility provided in the website.

All payments should be made to:

Direct deposit:    “Elite Frozen Foals”, Bank of Melbourne, BSB 193-879 A/c No. 432917015




Dated – June 2021